Women who Inspire

An idea is rarely ever original and most of the time comes from a source of inspiration. When it comes to fashion and lifestyle, I often mimic a few of my favorite people. I’ve narrowed my long list to six women (not including my incredibly inspiring mother) who play a part in how I dress and live life.

I DO NOT OWN any of the following photos, they BELONG TO THEIR OWNERS.

1. Mali Koa Hood


This girl is seriously living my dream. Mali is a singer-songwriter traveling the world and blogging everything. Not only does she have a unique style and beautiful voice, but it’s her wanderlust that really defines her. She experiences everything she desires! She’s the perfect example of what it’s like to do exactly what you love. You need to check out Mali’s Website.

2. Luanna Perez


Luanna brings out the rocker in all of us. I had seen her photos in a lot of things before but only recently found her name and her blog. Her grunge style is utterly the coolest and goes wonderfully with her perfect color blended hair. Not only is she a perfect rock-chic stylist, but also does her own share of traveling. She loves vintage just as much as I do, and effortlessly makes it apart of her life. I just love her.

3. Lou Teasdale


I’ve never really been a makeup fan, but this woman makes me want to do the craziest things with my hair and makeup! Also known as the hairdresser for One Direction, Lou has put together a book full of tutorials and inspiration for hair and makeup (The Craft). For cosmetology enthusiasts, Lou Teasdale is the perfect idol! Not to mention she has the cutest daughter.

4. Cara Loren


Cara is seriously momma style goals! Her blog is filled with cute outfits not only for you but for the whole family! I pray I look as good as her after I’ve had kids. She also does flawless hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube. You can also visit her shop where she sells clothes for you and children. Cara hooks you up with great deals and discounts for shops and activities. Check her out because she and her family are beautiful!

5. Ashley Tisdale


I love Ashley’s style! Her website has everything from articles about health, style, beauty, and work. She is really playing the boss roll like a pro. She’s got such a cute shop and clothing line. What’s cool about her website is that she isn’t the only one who writes on it, so your not just getting tips from her but from everyday women.

6. Vanessa Hudgens


Don’t even get me started on how amazing Vanessa Hudgens is. I grew up with this woman and she never ceases to amaze me. I love how her style grows up with her. Once you see her coachella style there is no wonder she is considered the queen. Vanessa is also the most talented actor, she gets involved in projects so passionately. She recently decided to be apart of the web with her new website. I was extremely excited when she announced it and still continue to visit it. If anyone inspires me, it’s Vanessa.

It’s important to strive to be original and yourself, but it’s completely fine to get inspired by others! Just do what gets you excited and makes you happy:)

All the love,


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