Donut Falls Trail, UT

If you want a lovely, easy, and quick hike, the hike to Donut Falls is perfect! It’s located between Salt Lake City and Park City. I love the scenic views and the adventure sense of canyon drives and the drive through Wasatch canyon doesn’t disappoint. You go about eight miles into the canyon and pull off into a small parking area. I wouldn’t suggest parking there though. I did, only because I didn’t realize the gray paved road leads to the trail and isn’t part of it. I heard this hike was very popular and gets crowded, so my brother and I started the hike at around 6pm and it was great. We only saw maybe three groups, and only for a few seconds. Dogs are not aloud on this trail which is a bummer because my dogs would’ve loved running through the woods and playing in the creek. I snapped a few photos of the trail but unfortunately it had gotten too dark for the camera to pic up the waterfall but trust me, the point we ended at was beautiful. The time of day gave the forest such a peaceful, enchanting vibe, so I suggest you go in the late afternoon to experience it and to avoid the traffic in the morning and at noon. Just make sure you wear something warm and bring a flashlight! DON’T take I-15 either. You’ll get stuck in rush hour at that time. Take the back roads.

All the love,


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