Waterfall Canyon Trail

We ended our day in Ogden doing one of my favorite activities. We hiked up the Waterfall Canyon Trail. This trail was about 2.5 miles up and back. You are going to be hiking up a slope the entire way which can get pretty tiring. The first mile or so is not very appealing but what gets you through it is the view of Ogden and Weber State University. Once you get off the moutain side and more into the canyon is when the scenery starts becoming surreal. You’re surrounded by yellows, oranges, and browns with the sound of the creek running at your side. At the end, the waterfall is extremely rewarding. We sat right underneath it. This waterfall is large but subtle enough to walk up to, climb on, or sit close to without getting completely soaked. Aside from the waterfall, you can look back through the canyon to get a glimpse of Ogden below. This trail is so rewarding with the combination of exercise and views.


This is a very rewarding hike with the combination of exercise and views. Check it out if you are up in the area. This was our last visit on our #OgdenDayTrip. Let me know if there was somewhere we should have gone! Have a great week!

All the love,


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