Ways to Spoil Yourself for FREE


I’ve got an entire week off from work coming up and due to recent unexpected expenses, I can’t afford to go out or take a mini trip. But don’t get me wrong, staycations can be just as rewarding! So in honor of my own staycation approaching, here are a few ideas for treating yourself that are ABSOLUTELY FREE (yay!).

  • Get up and get ready (or if you normally do that every morning, sleep in and don’t get ready.)
  • Paint your nails (While listening to your favorite music or watching tv or tanning! Might as well right?)
  • Read a book (Something you’ve been wanting to read but never found the time to? Well here’s your time. Whether it’s a series, skill, or self help book; emerse yourself in that shit.)
  • Binge watch ( Movie marathon! A series here, some seasons there. Maybe even do a topic marathon like “Disney Classics”, “Romantic Comedies”, or “Childhood Favorites”.)
  • Try some new recipes (Nothing beats food. Try making something different. Or if you don’t have a lot of ingredients, try to make something with what you do have. That should get interesting.)
  • Perfect/learn a new skill (There are plenty of sources for learning something new that are free. Have one in mind? Try it! You might find your really good at it or learn it isn’t for you. No harm either way.)
  • Go on a hike/walk (Do it. Nature is beautiful.)
  • Visit a museum (Most of the time you don’t have to pay anything, especially if it’s small. You can also check your local library for some free passes and discounts.)
  • Go to the gym/Exercise (I mean if that’s your thing. If your not into the whole push-ups and running type, try yoga.)
  • Rearrange/Organize something (Switch things up a bit, whether it’s a bookshelf or an entire room. Change it!)
  • Clean your space out (Go to your closet and donate things you don’t wear. Walk through your room/home and donate things you don’t need or use. Decluttering can bring some serious relief.)
  •  Volunteer (Meet some new people and help the community.)
  • Take a bath (With bubbles, and candles, and music. Simple yet satisfying.)
  • Reconnect with some old friends and family (If you’re the social type.)
  • Try a DIY project (For you crafty kids out there.)
  • Play dress up (Raid your closet. Find pieces you forgot about. Throw things together in a way you normally wouldn’t. Get creative.)

I’m sure there are plenty of other things to do but this is all I can think of off the top of my head (it’s also what I plan on doing). Let me know what ideas you have for some “Free Me Time” by leaving a comment or on social media using the hashtag #theaditichitreatyourself . Anyway have an awesome week bugs!

All the love,


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