The Perfect Spontaneous Day Trip

I am big lover of spontaneous trips, but never has a trip gone as smoothly as this one did.

So the story starts with a friend of mine texting me one evening asking me how I felt about taking a trip to Grand Junction, Colorado. I had never been to Colorado so obviously I was quick to say yes. With finals and the end of the school semester approaching, I was in a dire need of a break. So we decided to pack up and leave (Orem, UT) early in the morning the very next day.

We left at around 6:50am and headed through Price, UT onto I70. We passed a sign indicating we were approaching an exit heading to Moab, The Arches National Monument, and Canyonlands. We exchanged looks and decided since we were already down there, we might as well at least drive by. So we took the exit and headed to Moab. We decided to take a look at The Arches National Monument over Canyonlands simply because it was a shorter detour. We approached the gate ready to pay to find out, because it was Veterans Day Weekend, The National Parks waived their admission fees. So we got in for free!

After basking in the grandness of The Arches National Park, we headed back on I70. Since we were now aware of the free admission of National Parks, we agreed to drive through the Colorado National Monument to Grand Junction, Colorado. I would describe it as a baby Grand Canyon, beautiful nonetheless.

We finally reached Grand Junction, Colorado at around 3:40pm. We didn’t really have a plan or know where to start. We followed signs guiding us to Historic Downtown and least to say, were very pleased. I love charming downtowns, and this one certainly topped the list of my favorites. We walked between small shops, were greated by friendly people, and admired the street art. An lovely way to end the day.

Trips like this one are certainly one for the books, but this was certainly a lucky trip. When taking spontaneous trips, make sure to pack all essentials required to be safe, then have fun!

All the love,



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