Mt. Timpanogos Caves: Our visit to The Heart of the Mountain

My dad and I are the ultimate daddy-daughter duo when it comes to adventures. We are slowly but surely checking items off our bucket lists. One of the trips on his list was to visit the Mt. Timpanogos Caves in American Fork, UT.

This was such a great trip! You’ll get up into Alpine Canyon and feel small in-between sky touching mountains. After buying tickets for the cave tour we started our hike up the mountain. The 3.5 mile (round trip) hike is the only way up to and back from the cave. It is a well kept paved trail, so it’s possible for even children to do. Just make sure to bring plenty of water for everyone! The park rangers suggest 32oz per person. The hike was easily my favorite part, simply because the views are spectacular.

The caves are rewarding as well! The tour rangers are very friendly and enthusiastic which brings a great vibe throughout the tour. My dad and I actually ended up losing our tickets while hiking up but the park ranger was so kind to believe we did buy tickets and let us tag along. It’s people like him that can remind you that genuinely good people exist and you should pass it forward. So worth the hike up so don’t let the trail map scare you!

These photos were taken with my Google Pixel 2

I hope these photos inspire you to take a trip! As most of us know photos can never capture the actual feeling of standing there. Let me know how your trip goes and I’d love to see your pictures; please email me!

All the love,


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